Junkyard Gem FAQs

Junkyard Gem are passionate about vintage and antique jewellery.

We are dedicated to ensuring our customers enjoy their experience and so, we have tried to answer potential questions in this helpful FAQ

Is all your jewellery pre-loved

All our rings and earrings are pre-loved, vintage or antique.

This is the most sustainably way to buy jewellery as the jewellery is already in circulation.

Our bespoke range uses vintage/antique jewellery that has been damaged or isn’t as ‘modern’ and redesigns them into contemporary pieces therefore elements of these pieces will be new.

The aim is to breathe new life into pieces that would have been otherwise discarded 

Where we can we try to give as much detail about the history of our jewellery.

For example where it was made, the date, the makers.

Most of this information is ascertained from hallmarks however due to the age of some of our pieces some of the hallmarks are difficult to read or partially worn.

As a result sometimes these are estimates, in these cases we will make it clear on the description it is an estimate 

We will not accept any refunds on jewellery after seven-day period for slight mistakes on dates.

Why buy pre-loved Jewellery?

Buying pre-loved jewellery is the ultimate in sustainable jewellery .

All pieces are already in circulation therefore you are not contributing to further production.

Although our bespoke range uses elements of new jewellery, this is only to compliment a modern redesign of an antique/vintage piece.

The craftmanship on antique/vintage jewellery is superior to modern jewellery as there was little mass-production instead individual jewellers hand crafted beautiful intricate pieces 

Finally pre-loved jewellery has been loved by people before you. It has been on adventures, it has seen many sights and been woven into many stories.

By buying pre-loved jewellery you are continuing to add to their story.


All our jewellery is at least 9ct, there will be no gold plated jewellery within our collection.

Most of our pieces are yellow gold however there are some which are white or rose gold- this will be stated. 

We also stock a small number of Platinum pieces, this will also be stated on the item

All our gems are semi-precious gemstones.

We do not stock any pastes.


UK Orders

All UK orders will be sent Royal Mail Special delivery.

We aim to process your order within 2-3 days and Royal Mail Shipping takes 1-2 days.

Domestic shipping is £7


International orders will be sent with Royal Mail International Tracked.

We aim to process your order within 2-3 days.

Shipping time depends on country.

Royal Mail European Delivery aim 3-5 days and Worldwide 5-7 days.

We are not responsible for any local taxes or customs

International shipping is £15

How To Care for my jewellery

As all our jewellery is gold, therefore it is fine to get wet.

We do not however, recommend exposing jewellery to extreme changes in temperature, salt water, perfume or chlorine.

We would also recommend removing certain items which could get caught while you are sleeping in order to avoid pulling at the more delicate elements.

Opals are a more delicate stone therefore be  careful to avoid harsh chemicals, drastic temperature changes and hitting or banging them as this may cause them to crack

We recommend taking your jewellery to be professionally cleaned at your local jewellers once a year to maintain pieces.

If pieces are looking a little dull it is possible to clean them at home.

Add a few drops of washing up liquid to lukewarm water.

Soak pieces in for 10 minutes to loosen any dirt.

Gently rub over pieces with a soft toothbrush to remove any dirt.

Rinse thoroughly to make sure all soap is removed.

Dry and polish with a lint free cloth.

Pro-tip focus on the hard to reach areas as this is where quite often dirt builds up.

How to Measure My Finger

We offer a complimentary ring sizer before purchasing any of our Junkyard Gem rings. 

Click here to order 

Please only order one per customer 

Alternatively we are happy to measure your finger at our Wilmslow showroom. 

Send us a message to arrange a time 

We are able resize most of our rings at least three sizes larger or smaller

We offer resizing at cost price completed by our expert jewellers 

Click here to add to your order 

If you require resizing more than three sizes, send us a message 

Resized rings are non-refundable 


Drop the Junkyard Gem team a line to discuss any other questions and we will do our best to help.

We are dedicated to ensuring our customers enjoy their experience and so, we have tried to answer potential questions in this helpful FAQs