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About Junkyard Gem

Junkyard Gem is a jewellery brand specialising in vintage and antique jewellery.

Our pieces are all pre-loved, allowing you to continue to their story with some reworked to create truly bespoke and unique jewellery.

Sustainability is at the heart of our business and by buying preloved jewellery we are able to reduce the impact on the environment.


Reduce the impact on the environment by recycling jewellery already in circulation

100% Gold

We only work with minimum 9ct gold all carrying hallmarks and dated with full history where possible


Our jewellery is preloved or repurposed to create stunning bespoke pieces

Isi Peters, Founder

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in all types of jewellery.

I loved playing dress up with my Mums inherited pieces.

For my 18th birthday, my Nan took me to buy my first antique piece, a pair of Victorian Ruby and Diamond earrings.

I loved the process. The shop was a treasure trove, I felt comfortable trying different pieces on and asking about their history.

The craftmanship intrigued me, the detailing, the care and attention to detail.


I wanted to know more about the history of each piece of jewellery, where it had been created, who had worn it, where had it travelled – I have a vivid imagination and saw Kings and Queens wearing the pieces in the shop.

I also believe that it is all of our responsibilities to protect our planet.

Small changes by individuals make big differences and by buying pre-loved jewellery, clothes or accessories, we can do our little bit for the planet.

All these experiences made me fall in love with vintage and antique jewellery.


In 2021, I graduated with a business management degree.

I struggled in my last year with anxiety. The pandemic had left me isolated from my peers, I was studying from home and the job market was difficult.

I had so many rejections from large corporations.

My dream had always been to have my own business but I had always had self-doubt. I thought I’d put it off, wait until I had experience or had worked for a certain number of years.

But, the pandemic proved time really is precious and so I decided to go for it.

Luxury Brand

I wanted to combine my love for vintage and antique jewellery with the skills learned during my degree, combining my passion with my business acumen.

Junkyard Gem was created to provide a modern, luxury brand, designed to showcase beautiful pre-loved pieces of jewellery. Stunning heritage pieces, styled in a modern way.

I wanted to re-work broken, damaged or otherwise discarded jewellery into contemporary pieces that can be worn and loved everyday.

I hope Junkyard Gem replicates the way I fell in love with antique jewellery and you are able to find the perfect piece from our collection.


Isi x

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